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ABPO Executive Committee and roles

Executive Committee 2014 - 2015

ABPO Co-Chairs

Angela Clarke and Earl Smith

ABPO Co Vice Chairs

Trevor Bernard and Janett Brown

ABPO Information Officer

Cheryl Saint Luce

ABPO Tresasurer

Derek Rhoden

ABPO Midlands Region Convenor

Marcus Hoo
Jenny Martin

ABPO South Region Convenor

Steve Oko
Davina Onyeama
Yvonne Alphonse

ABPO North Region Convenor

Delpherine Blair
Ralph Hill

ABPO Managers Portfolio 

Barbara Thomas
Andrew Wisden

ABPO Race and Diversity Portfolio

Anne Marie Thielade

ABPO National Co-ordinator 

Tel: 0207 740 8537

As National Co-Ordinator, I maintain effective and efficient administration systems, ensure that all administrative and practical arrangements are undertaken in respect of meetings of ABPO, ensure that decisions taken by the Executive Committee are acted upon or implemented, receive requests made to the Association and co-ordinate the distribution of tasks among members of the Executive Committee and wider membership, organise events on behalf of ABPO and am responsible for the management of premises occupied by the Association. I also provide guidance to the Executive Committee, as requested.

With support from the Executive Committee, I also ensure that the policies and procedures of the Association are acted upon and circulated to the wider membership. Attendance at Regional Meetings assists in facilitating this process.

As a member of the Association you will have an immediate point of contact. I also provide an immediate point of contact for external organisations contacting the Association. You will receive readily available information on the Associations Business Plan, Project Pathways and an overview of the work of the Association on a national level. I will also provide you with an immediate link with the wider membership and the Executive Committee.


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