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How ABPO works and engages

How we work

The services we offer are far reaching and include:

  • Bi-monthly Regional Meetings to ensure a mutual support network for all members. Regional Conveners ensure that venues vary to allow support to isolated members and to engender unity throughout the region. They also inform members of Executive Committee discussions, national achievements and issues of local concern.
  • Quarterly Managers’ Group Meetings, in recognition of differing support needs presented;
  • Annual professional Conference and Annual General Meeting;
  • Professional development briefings and mentoring;
  • Support in adversarial processes, representation in partnership with trade unions;
  • ABPO works extensively in partnership with Probation Trusts and others, in ensuring Black staff and communities are adequately resourced, supported and represented.


ABPO recognises the need to:


  • Tackle discrimination, disadvantage, harassment and intimidation
  • Promote good relations between all staff within NOMS, NPS and partnership agencies
  • Use our position as a major staff association, provider of expertise and knowledge, to provide equality of opportunity
  • Make NOMS/NPS workforce and the organisation as a whole more representative of the diverse communities, increasing its ability to reduce offending
  • Support other organisations, partners, service providers, the private and voluntary sectors, to adopt similar policies on equality and diversity
  • Enable the participation of all the diverse communities within which we work that they can benefit from the agenda of citizenship within the framework of inclusiveness


ABPO does not tolerate discriminatory treatment on the grounds of gender, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependents, trade union or political activities, religious or other beliefs, or any other reason which cannot be shown to be justified.

ABPO Objectives

ABPO is committed to meeting its duties under equality legislation and will achieve this by:

  • Working to improve equality practice throughout the NOMS
  • Ensuring that all employees and service users are treated fairly and consistently, without discrimination
  • Tackling discrimination in all areas of employment and service delivery within NOMS on grounds of gender, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependents, trade union or political activities, religious or other beliefs, or any other reason which cannot be shown to be justified
  • Consulting with all members to seek their views and opinions on the service they receive
  • Monitoring areas of employment including recruitment, promotion, ensuring access to training opportunities, pay, grievances and disciplinary action, to ensure equal treatment for all employees and action will be taken where unequal treatment is found
  • Supporting Probation Areas to produce and deliver on their equality action plans
  • Ensuring that equality objectives and targets are regularly set, monitored and reviewed across all areas of Probation work
  • Assisting and contributing to the NOMS agenda to reduce offending/re-offending within the Black community
  • Working with other agencies to reduce gun crime and violence


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